Hello Dolphin fans and Welcome to Ron’s World of Miami Dolphins! I have dedicated my life to preserving Fins History. As a Result, I am able to share with you one of the biggest collections of Dolphin DVD’s in the World! Available to you from 1966 to present every game played in Fins History. I also have classic Don Shula shows and Dan Marino Shows as well! I am proud to say that I can provide you all with the great moments in fins History! All videos in my collection is available to you! for specific ordering information, please contact me at finfanron1@aol.com

10/3/1970 Miami vs Raiders (TWIPF)
12/8/74 Miami @ colts (TWIPF)
10/10/76 Miami@ Colts (TWIPF)
11/2/75 Miami @ Chicago (TWIPF)
12/5/71 Miami @ New England(TWIPF)
12/9/73 Miami @ Colts (TWIPF)
11/24/74 Miami @ New York Jets (TWIPF)
9/14/80 Miami vs Bengals (TWIPF)
11/2/80 Miami @ Raiders (TWIPF)
9/20/81 Miami @ Houston (TWIPF)
9/27/81 Miami @ Colts (TWIPF)
10/18/81 Miami vs Washington (TWIPF)
11/1/81 Miami vs Colts(TWIPF)
9/12/82 Miami @ Jets ( Highlights with Dolphins radio)
9/19/82 Miami vs Colts(Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
11/21/82 Miami @ Buffalo( Highlights with Dolphins radio)
12/5/82 Miami vs Vikings( Broadcast video with Dolphins Radio)
12/18/82 Miami vs Jets ( Broadcast with Dolphins Radio)
1/16/83 Miami vs Chargers Playoff (Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
9/4/83 Miami @ Buffalo (Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
10/2/83 Miami @ Colts (Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
12/4/83 Miami @ Houston (Broadcast video with Dolphins Radio)
10/6/80 Miami vs Pittsburgh(Broadcast with Dolphins radio
9/9/90 Miami @ new England (Broadcast video with Dolphins radio)
10/16/94 Miami vs Raiders (Video broadcast with Dolphins radio)
12/3/95 Miami vs Atlanta (Broadcast with Dolphins Radio
9/21/08 Miami @ New England (Broadcast with Dolphins Radio network Wildcat was born)

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  • (Listen to Joe Rose and Dan Marino talking about the Dan Marino complete Touchdown DVD produced by Ron Weiss, )
  • Official Site of the Miami Dolphins
  • Jimmy Swaggart Ministries
  • MiamiKA’s Dolphins Blu-ray’s and DVDs
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    4 Responses to Home

    1. Jeremy says:

      I’m looking for the 2000 dolphins espn yearbook on DVD or blu ray. Lamar smith first year

    2. Andre Brown says:

      I would like to buy all of the 1989 &90 season including the preseason for both years.I played I was #82..THANK YOU

    3. Robert Duck says:

      Hey Ron,
      I want to order more Phins games from you. Last time I ordered from you the cost was 6 per game and 4 for highlites…is that still the same? The 12/31/72 playoff game against the Steelers says that it was a final of 21-17 with a DVD of NBC merging with a radio broadcast. How much was visual vs audio? Thanks,
      Robert Duck

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