Hello Dolphin fans and Welcome to Ron’s World of Miami Dolphins! I have dedicated my life to preserving Fins History. As a Result, I am able to share with you one of the biggest collections of Dolphin DVD’s in the World! Available to you from 1966 to present every game played in Fins History. I also have classic Don Shula shows and Dan Marino Shows as well! I am proud to say that I can provide you all with the great moments in fins History! All videos in my collection are available to you! For specific ordering information, please contact me at finfanron1@aol.com

10/3/1970 Miami vs Raiders (TWIPF)
12/8/74 Miami @ colts (TWIPF)
10/10/76 Miami@ Colts (TWIPF)
11/2/75 Miami @ Chicago (TWIPF)
12/5/71 Miami @ New England(TWIPF)
12/9/73 Miami @ Colts (TWIPF)
11/24/74 Miami @ New York Jets (TWIPF)
9/14/80 Miami vs Bengals (TWIPF)
11/2/80 Miami @ Raiders (TWIPF)
9/20/81 Miami @ Houston (TWIPF)
9/27/81 Miami @ Colts (TWIPF)
10/18/81 Miami vs Washington (TWIPF)
11/1/81 Miami vs Colts(TWIPF)
9/12/82 Miami @ Jets ( Highlights with Dolphins radio)
9/19/82 Miami vs Colts(Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
11/21/82 Miami @ Buffalo( Highlights with Dolphins radio)
12/5/82 Miami vs Vikings( Broadcast video with Dolphins Radio)
12/18/82 Miami vs Jets ( Broadcast with Dolphins Radio)
1/16/83 Miami vs Chargers Playoff (Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
9/4/83 Miami @ Buffalo (Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
10/2/83 Miami @ Colts (Highlights with Dolphins Radio)
12/4/83 Miami @ Houston (Broadcast video with Dolphins Radio)
10/6/80 Miami vs Pittsburgh(Broadcast with Dolphins radio
9/9/90 Miami @ new England (Broadcast video with Dolphins radio)
10/16/94 Miami vs Raiders (Video broadcast with Dolphins radio)
12/3/95 Miami vs Atlanta (Broadcast with Dolphins Radio
9/21/08 Miami @ New England (Broadcast with Dolphins Radio network Wildcat was born)
1971 72 73 season WIOD radio broadcast of entire years

Anyone interested in Dolphins Season Tickets?

Please contact Michael McClimans. Ron-Biz-Card-2018




4 Responses to Home

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m looking for the 2000 dolphins espn yearbook on DVD or blu ray. Lamar smith first year

  2. Andre Brown says:

    I would like to buy all of the 1989 &90 season including the preseason for both years.I played I was #82..THANK YOU

  3. Robert Duck says:

    Hey Ron,
    I want to order more Phins games from you. Last time I ordered from you the cost was 6 per game and 4 for highlites…is that still the same? The 12/31/72 playoff game against the Steelers says that it was a final of 21-17 with a DVD of NBC merging with a radio broadcast. How much was visual vs audio? Thanks,
    Robert Duck

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