Don Shula Show 12/18/82 Guest Ed Newman/Bob Brudzinski ( BRAND NEW )
Don Shula show Superbowl Edtion. Guest AJ DUHE and Bob Keuchenberg ( Brand New)
Don Shula Show 11/10/84 Guest John Giesler
Don shula Show 11/18/84 Guest Kim Bokamper
Don Shula show 11/3/86 guest Davenport/lankford following Houston
Don Shula show 11/11/86 guest Betters/Koch following Cleveland
Don Shula show 11/17/86 Guest Thompson/Hardy following Buffalo
Don Shula Show 11/25/86 Guest Johnson/Frye following Jets
Don Shula Show 11/31/86 Guest G.little/Jensen/ following Falcons
Don Shula Show 12/8/86 Guest Bennent/Blackwood Following Saints
Don Shula Show 12/15/86 Guest Baunhower/N.Moore folling Rams
Don Shula Show 12/23/86 Guest Rose/Hampton following Buffalo
Don shula Show 9/14/87 Guest Duper/Blackwood Following New England
Don Shula Show 9/21/87 Guest Sochia/Bennent Following Colts
Don Shula Show 11/2/87 Guest Offerdahal/Clayton Following Steelers
Don Shula Show 11/9/87 Guest Judsen/Giesler Following Bengals game
Don Shula show 11/23/87 Guest Shipp/Roby following Dallas
Don Shula Show 11/30/87 Guest Tj Turner/Jensen following Buffalo
Don Shula Show 12/7/87 Guest Bosa/ Before Jets game
Don Shula Show 12/14/87 Guest Studley/Graft/Davenport following Jets
Don Shula Show 12/21/87 Guest Foster/Dellenbach Following Redskins
Don Shula Show 12/28/87 Guest Lankford/Marino following New England last game
Don shula Show 11/7/88 Guest Ferrel Edmunds
Don Shula Show 11/22/88 Guest Ron Davenport
Don Shula Show 11/28/88 Guest Fred banks
Don Shula Show 12/12/88 Guest Clayton
Don Shula Show 12/19/88 Guest John offerdahal
Don Shula Pride and the Glory
Don Shula Show: 325th Victory
Don Shula Retirement Special
Don Shula Hall of Fame Induction
Don Shula show 12/8/85 Show after the Dolphins beat the Bears Monday night
Don Shula Show 9/2/91 Guest Dan Marino
Don Shula Show 11/16/92 Guest Tim Robbie Larry seiple
Don Shula Show 11/30/92 Guest 11/30/92 Duper
Don shula Show 12/14/92 Guest Mark Clayton, Troy Vinncent, Gary stevens
Don shula show 12/21/92 Guest Marco coman Mark Dennis
Don shula show 12/28/92 Joe Green Dwight hollier
Don shula Show 1/11/93 Guest bryan Cox. Arron craver
Don Shula Show 9/6/93 Marino Louis Oliver
Don Shula Show 9/13/93 Guest Offerdahal Keith Simms
Don shula Show 9/27/93 Guest Keith Byars marco coloman
Don Shula show 10/4/93 guest hobly Keith Sims
Don Shula Show 10/11/93 Scott Mitchhell
Don Shula Show 10/25/93 Higgs OJ McDuffie
Don shula Show 11/8/93 Ron Heller JB BROWN
Don shula show 11/29/93 Guest Steve Degerg Dwight Hollier
Don Shula show 12/6/93 Terry Kirby Pete stoyovinch
Don Shula show 12/19/93 Guest Tony Nathen Burt Weisner
Don Shula Show 12/27/93 Guest Keith Jackson Mike westoff
Don shula Show 1/3/94 Guest Tim Robbie Tom Hecket
Don Shula show 11/28/94 (fake spike game) Guest Mark ingram

Don Shula show Sept 4 1995 Guest Bryan cox, Irving Fryer, Tom ovaldottie
Don Shula Show Sept 11 1995 Guest Dan Marino, Chris Singleton
Don Shula Show Special Edition Gary stevens,Michael Stewart, Eric Green
Don Shula Show Oct 2 , 1995 Guest, OJ mcduffie, Gene Atkins, Mike Westhoff
Don Shula Show Oct 9, 1995 Guest Richmond Webb, Chuck Klingbeil
Don Shula Show Oct 16,1995 Guest Bernie Kosar, Marco coleman, Mel Phillips
Don Shula Show Oct 23,1995 Guest Bernie Parmalee, Troy Vincent
Don Shula Show Nov,6 1995 Guest Keith Byars, Tim Bowens
Don Shula Show Nov,13 1995 Guest Joe greene, Dwight Hollier, Tim Ruddy
Don Shula Show Nov 20, 1995
Don Shula Show Nov 27.1995 Guest Luis Oliver
Don Shula Show Dec 4, 1995 Guest Randall Hill , Terrell Buckley
Don Shula Show Dec 11,1995
Don Shula Show Dec 18,1995 Guest Stoyanovich, Calvin Jackson
20 Years of the Don Shula Show
Don Shula the Coach
Don Shula A tribute to a legend
Don Shula up close with Roy Firestone
Don Shula on Larry King live
Don Shula Sports Century
Don Shula death coverage
Don Shula chasing Halas all the way to hall of fame

3 Responses to DON SHULA SHOWS

  1. Milton says:

    Hello Ron, I have Don Shula Shows from the 1982, 1983, 1984, & 1985 season on VHS. If memory serves me correct, I believe that there is Andra Franklin, Mark Clayton, David Overstreet, the late Larry Gordon, & a young Marino to name a few as special guests in these episodes from those Super Bowl run days. I’ve started to transfer some to dvd. Is there any interest on your part for these? Please let me know?

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